Billings Clinic Air Ambulance

Billings Clinic MedFlight in partnership with Edwards Jet Center of Billings Montana, work to operate its fleet of aircraft from Logan Airport.

These aircraft are available locally and regionally for air ambulance transport. Edwards Jet Center maintains a long tradition of excellence in air transportation and is dedicated to safe, reliable air transport.

Under FAA part 135 regulations MedFlight operates in the safest environment during all periods of the flight transport.

The Beechcraft King Air 200 with its turbo prop engines is the finest aircraft in air medical transport. With its roomy interiors, pressurized cabin, and advanced avionics Beechcraft provides superior high speed all-weather transport. With an ability to cruise at high altitudes of 31, 000 feet or above most turbulence is avoided, providing that extra measure of safety and comfort. Powered by two Pratt and Whitney turbo prop engines, 850 HP is delivered. Its cruising speed of 270 knots makes short work of the long distances in the Rockies. With two pilots for all medical missions, that added level of safety is reinforced.

About Medflight

Billings Clinic MedFlight is a medical transport team, operating from its base of operations at Billings Clinic in Billings, Montana. MedFlight strives to provide the finest and safest care possible. Transport services are provided within the Rocky Mountain region and nationally.

Billings Clinic MedFlight functions as a flying ICU, caring for patients in rural communities needing critical care medical service and air transportation.

This medical transportation is offered through two fixed-wing turbo-prop aircraft. The Beechcraft King Air B200 turbo-prop aircraft are enhanced with engine modifications to land and take off in rural areas with short runways. The flights average 352 miles round trip.

Who We Are

Our Critical Care teams bring the highest level of skills practice and professionalism to the bedside to meet your patient’s needs. MedFlight capabilities include:

  • Critical Care and Emergency services
  • High Risk Obstetrics – maternal flights
  • NICU/Neonatal flights – infants 28 weeks gestational age or older
  • Cardiac
  • Burn therapy and care for patients with an Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

These physicians provide online medical direction, leadership and daily support of MedFlight. They are accessible during all phases of the transport process via land line, radio and satellite phone contact.

Available 24/7, MedFlight teams are prepared to meet your patient transport needs with highly motivated personnel and expert medical direction to make the patient care transition from hospital to hospital as seamless as possible.

MedFlights primary response team consist of a Registered Nurse and Respiratory Therapist. Both are trained in a wide variety of stabilization and life-saving skills. These skills are performed both on the ground and in the air. The team confirguration may be tailored to specific patient need.

MedFlight is dedicated to:

  • Compassion, respect and dignity for patients and families
  • Improving patients condition during transport
  • Highest level of safety
  • Exceeding the standard of care

Our goal to enhance customer satisfaction at all levels of the care continuum and strengthen our positive relationships with our regional healthcare partners. MedFlight seeks to provide the highest level of patient care to those in need.

When team and time are critical the answer is MedFlight, “the best care in the air.”


MedFlight’s commitment to technology is reflective in many state of the art pieces of gear that are brought to the patient’s bedside. Continuously screened for effectiveness and appropriateness for air medical service, numerous additions can be made to best serve the patient.

The LifePak 12 cardiac monitor is a state of the art EKG monitor with several additional capabilities deemed necessary by our flight personnel. With EKG monitoring, defibrilation, portable pacing, capnography and invasive pressure line LifePak 12 is the ideal flight monitor.

To manage airway complexities and ventilation needs, the LTV 1200 portable ventilator is a proven success story for MedFlight. With its many ventilation modes, portable battery and charging system it is capable of ventilation from pediatric to adults in all its many styles. This ventilator rivals most hospital ventilators and with its compact size make it ideal for airplane service.

Our equipment further expands to include 3 channel IV pumps capable of administering the most incremental dose of critical medication. With onboard calculation systems all medications are delivered with the utmost safety. In certain cases when required we can also transport patients while receiving portable trans venous pacing with our portable pacemaker. In this way we can bridge patients to a permanent pacemaker.

With recent advancements air medical providers have recognized the benefit of warmed fluid and blood products. The Thermal Angel, a portable fluid and blood warmer can deliver warmed fluids throughout the flight. When time is critical MedFlight can bring the lab to the patient. The I-Stat blood gas analyzer can quickly analyze blood gas samples and important blood chemistry’s that allow MedFlight to deliver time sensitive treatment.

With transport occurring night and day in all types of weather, the LifeBlanket patient packaging system ensures patient warmth and comfort in all types of weather. The LifeBlanket has an outer goretex shell and comfortable inner liner.

The Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump has been a fixture in cardiovascular medicine for years. MedFlight is the only regional air ambulance that can transport patients who are receiving this therapy. Requiring the attention of two nurses these patients receive intensive care.

All MedFlight staff are fully trained in the administration of enumerable medications to enhance patient care and treatment. These medications administered by protocol are always under the direction of medical control physicians.

Arrange A Flight

When the need arises for air medical transport several considerations are made with respect to time, distance and skill of the transporting team. When team and time are crucial, MedFlight is designed to fill your needs.

To initiate transfer from your location, a single point of contact via the MedFlight dispatch center is your first and only step. At that time you can be connected with an accepting physician to begin the team dispatch process. The information needed is:

  • patient name
  • date of birth
  • age
  • Cardiac
  • weight
  • gender

To request a flight, call Billings Clinic MedFlight:

406-255-8411 or 1-800-325-1774 ext. MedFlight

MedFlight is able to transport only one patient per flight allowing one family member to accompany when fixed wing services are used. This family member information will be requested by dispatch. When the transport of children is necessary, we prefer that one parent accompanies their child. Due to weight limitations family members are allowed only one carry-on bag.

For questions regarding flight transport from your facility feel free to contact our dispatchers for assistance, 406-657-4340 or 1-800-325-1774, extension “MedFlight.”

To track your patients’ care, day or night, you can access your patients’ electronic medical record through If you have not yet signed up for access to our clinical information system, you can do so when you click here.